League of Legends Coaching

Coaching is the quickest and best way to reach long term improvement in your skills and mindset in League of Legends. Our coaches are top of the ladder players experienced in competitive play, ready for your service.

Get an unfair advantage over your opponents

Most games are decided in the first 8 minutes, combine all the skills we will teach you together and you will have the most solid foundation to become a great player and start winning consistently.

Win Conditions

The game starts in champion select, not at the 2-minute mark. We will make sure you always make the game easier for yourself by picking a champion that fits well into your team comp and is strong into the enemy team.

Wave Management

There is more than flashy outplays to winning games, be smart and learn how to manipulate the waves and minions into your favour.

Lane Matchups

You will never have to play a lane where you feel suffocated again, after a coaching session with us, you will be the one who dominates the lane and cripples your opponents.

Jungle Pathing

If you know where the enemy jungler will most likely be at any moment, then you have the freedom of dictating the pace of the game.

Objective control

We will teach you which objectives to go for, when to go for them, and how to do it. You will never have to flip a coin at smiting Dragon or Baron ever again.

Growth mindset

Most players are held back by a poor mindset and high ego. We will help you perceive the game in a different and goal-oriented way so that you will become the most positive player in all your games. Everybody wants the guy who stays cool and supportive in their games, even professional players - so let yourself become the pillar of your teams.



2 hours

Total cost


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How our coaching works

1. Select the duration and purchase your coaching order
2. Fill in the necessary information (Tier, Roles, Champions, Focus areas, Schedule)
3. Get coached via you and your coach's preferred way of teaching (live stream, discord share screen, Analyzing games, Talking...)
4. Apply the new knowledge in the game and stomp your enemies!

Shortcut to glory

You will obtain skills that take hundreds and thousands of games learn in just a few coaching sessions with us. We will put you on even grounds against players that have played the game for much longer than you and make sure that you squeeze your maximum potential out of yourself. After a few sessions with us, you will know what you are doing in games and what winning in Leauge of Legends is all about - making you the best player you can be and letting yourself experience the feeling of climbing the ladder with ease! Half the players in Grandmaster and Challenger get coached daily, why don't you?

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